Coconut Buyers Contact Details In India

January 20 11:28 2014

Contact Address : 1
Description: Weekly 1000 qty required below Rs.13 and included delievery to Madurai. Kindly contact us
Buyers Name : jeyaraj
Mobile Number : 9042020333
Telephone Number : 7418776619
Email Id :
Address :
Country : India
State : Tamil Nadu
City : Madurai

Contact Address : 2
Description : We need 60000 Tender Coconut per month from Karnataka. Terms of Payment is Cash. Require your quotations for the above clearly stating the price range for small, medium and large size coconuts separately .Loading Cost ( Vehicle provided by buyer) should be specified separately .
Buyers Name : Farooq Mulla
Mobile Number : 9620889996
Email Id :
Country : India
State : Maharashtra
City : Mumbai


Contact Address : 3
Description : We need 3000 Tender Coconuts . Water quantity should be more than 300 ml. We are exporting all types of coconut products.
Buyers Name : R.SIVANESAN
Company Name : East India Exporters.
Mobile Number : 9444948090
Telephone Number :9551225240
Email Id :
Country : India
State : Tamil Nadu
City : chennai

Contact Address : 4
Description : We are large buyers of tender coconuts, we buy 6 loads per week. Payment on spot. Quality as per mutual agreed terms. Please contact us for further details
Buyers Name : Krishnamoorthy
Company Name : Gold Carbons
Email Id :
Country : India
State : Tamil Nadu
City : Coimbatore


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  1. v.asaithambi
    September 18, 12:53 #1 v.asaithambi

    I am in thanjavur my business is a coconut my mobile no is 8973125545 please contact this number

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    • RAJESH
      March 28, 12:51 RAJESH

      I need regularly coconut per 16 ooo ton

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      • Russel
        April 18, 06:01 Russel

        Pls contact with more details, we have own farm and could source upto 1L pieces per month,

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        • N.Ravi
          September 05, 15:28 N.Ravi

          I have coconut I want to sale

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          • VARMA
            October 14, 03:01 VARMA

            OK I want coconuts

          • Edward
            April 11, 15:02 Edward

            I need tender coconut…..
            50000 piece’s per week…..
            Contact on 7795338589……

          • srg kumar
            May 01, 11:18 srg kumar

            please know your location, your mobile number please

          • Praveen
            May 02, 09:06 Praveen

            We want dry coconuts for export

          • Sameer Dige
            November 06, 08:34 Sameer Dige

            We required 2000 Pcs Green coconut for Mumbai pl give me Quotaion of the same or call me on 8879686307

        • Naveen pollachi
          October 07, 13:59 Naveen pollachi

          Am selling coconut in pollachi taluk.. monthly I have send morethan 1 lakh cocos… if anyone s interested to buy or sell coconut in good quantity plz contact me… 8675309993..

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          • jayakumar
            February 01, 04:16 jayakumar

            We want semi husked coconut.weight -550gm above, 25 nuts per bag.40ft container.Cochin delivery.anyone doing pls contact me.

          • Sathish
            February 20, 20:44 Sathish

            Need quotation for husked brown coconut. We require monthly 30ton.

          • naidu
            April 17, 15:49 naidu

            i want coconuts.plz send me details9949861313

          • Karthik
            May 28, 10:40 Karthik

            If anyone interested to buy coconuts from andhrapradesh can contact my mail

          • Mr Khan
            July 18, 22:59 Mr Khan

            We can supply 28000 pcs green coconut every day. Pls contact Mr. Khan. 9836445412

          • Halith
            November 26, 12:19 Halith

            I need for chennai pls call 7708872849

        • dhana
          November 08, 05:38 dhana

          I need coconuts more than 500 grams weight,5 truck load/month

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          • vijay
            December 09, 14:29 vijay

            yes, we can do that, pls mention the requirement

          • Rekha
            December 14, 07:27 Rekha

            Hi Dhana,
            We are from KB Industries Madurai. We could supply “Fresh Coconuts” in bulk as you required.
            Please place your order to us @ or WATS AP: 8870806404.

          • nishaa
            December 21, 17:44 nishaa

            call me for coconut

          • Sathis
            December 31, 10:56 Sathis

            I’m selling coconuts more then 50,000 pieces, if you wanted please contact this number 8189984497

          • Suman
            January 07, 07:08 Suman

            I will give you the cocnut u needed plz cont 9789860680

          • PLA -S- MARKETING
            January 08, 02:18 PLA -S- MARKETING

            Sir, vanakkam, I message from Karur, I am shanmugam, my contact number, 9994446009, please call me sir , I am coconut business in karur.

          • SANTOSH
            January 13, 19:57 SANTOSH

            We are from Alibag Maharashtra. We could supply Coconut in bulk as you order.
            My contact number 8898328606

          • Sathesh
            January 31, 09:23 Sathesh

            We are capable of doing so. Please contact us.

          • Deepu
            February 07, 06:18 Deepu

            Pls contact me on 9995119219

          • R.Suresh
            February 10, 20:16 R.Suresh

            OK I will supplied

          • mohammed ameen
            February 17, 10:26 mohammed ameen

            namaste all.
            This is mohammed ameen from karnataka.. we used to load coxonuts to chennai.. andra.. & mumbai. reqiruird buyers can contact. payment mode shud b instant or cash on deliver.
            contact 9538430876

          • Jose
            February 26, 14:26 Jose

            Contact me 9037914039

          • Abdul
            March 05, 13:47 Abdul

            How much you expect per piece

          • Siva
            March 07, 04:54 Siva

            I have coconut..forms and I am selling coconut.. will give expect your quantity my contact.n um.8883344866

          • Sanket
            March 09, 09:44 Sanket

            contact me… 9767378352

            March 30, 10:57 MJ CONSUMER STORE

            we are doing coconut whole please contact if you need for export or local purpose

          • srj
            April 15, 03:13 srj

            we will send the coconuts that u needed plzzz contact my num 9698107281

          • Kiran
            June 01, 22:31 Kiran

            We will ready to supply which quantity u want

          • Sreejith
            June 07, 06:38 Sreejith

            I can arrange fresh coconut from kerala good quality if getting best price

          • ponraj
            July 03, 07:19 ponraj

            Dear Sir/Madam,

            Have a good day to you!

            We would like to take an opportunity and introduce our company, Sri Maalai Coconut Exims, one of the wholesaler in Tamil nadu and Kerala also.

            Customer satisfaction is prime motto for us, so our products are being chosen diligently, with top quality for our customers. We can supply in large quantity with best competitive cum flexible price for the good quality semi husked coconuts and Copra in different sizes which can be packaged as per customer’s requirement.

            Please let us know the details of the products of your interest with its quality specifications, quantities, delivery schedule, and other required which will help us to quote our most competitive prices and also send us a trial order. We wish to build a long term business relationship with you.

            “BULK WITH BUDGET” is the motto of our company. Buy Bulk quantity with your Budget rate. My product definitely satisfies your needs and very much used for your coconut powder manufacturing.

            We look forward to hear a positive response from you for further process.

            With regards..

            Sri Maalai Coconut Exims,

            87, East Car Street,

            Sivakasi- 626123.

            No.+91 9159139098

          • fahad
            July 11, 01:23 fahad

            m frm vapi gujarat
            fresh coconuts.!!

          • Kannan
            August 07, 04:16 Kannan

            Hi dear sir this kannan we are sale tender coconut from theni very healthy and taste also coconut price rs.19 ruppes transport charge separate depends on distance kindly contact me mobile number 9952001291

          • Krishna
            August 31, 09:53 Krishna

            We can supply all type of coconuts

          • Musa
            September 30, 17:37 Musa

  , for coconut we will supply to you direct from village, fresh or drying any quantity you can able to purchase.

          • Sallu
            October 10, 12:18 Sallu

            I can give your requirement

          • kamalakannan
            November 07, 09:03 kamalakannan

            I am supplier of coconut. you can contact me at 8680804777

          • sekar
            November 10, 03:39 sekar

            I have coconut if you please contact 9788814516

          • Shubha Enterprises
            November 10, 09:02 Shubha Enterprises

            Contact me at 9702647273

          • dinesh
            November 23, 09:31 dinesh

            Where the delivery place

        • nisha
          December 21, 17:52 nisha

          send me ur mobile number

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          • Vijayakumar
            January 26, 05:39 Vijayakumar

            I need 1500Pcs coconut daily. Big size and price should be below 16Rs.

            Call me @ 9739061690

          • karthi
            February 04, 11:22 karthi


          • Susanta das
            August 11, 13:37 Susanta das


        • rajshekhar
          December 22, 10:13 rajshekhar

          90333 12322 I m seller coconut

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        • Sairam
          January 03, 19:14 Sairam

          I am selling coconuts in Andhra.monthly I can sell more than 2 lakhs if you want more than that also I can supply.for more details please contact me 9010837020,9440394415

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          • Santosh
            April 22, 20:14 Santosh

            Require Semi husk Coconut
            Sizewise Price
            Delivery at Panvel near Mumbai
            starting order quantity 3 tons

        • vimal dev
          January 12, 16:44 vimal dev

          I want coconut plz contect me – 9893411764 mp rewa

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          • Ravi
            November 06, 10:31 Ravi

            Hii we have coconUTS in andhra do want ? I will give u in best price my what’s app no 9550233210

        • vimlesh
          January 12, 16:46 vimlesh

          I want coconut plz contact on -9893411764

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          • Sreejith
            June 07, 06:43 Sreejith

            I can arrange fresh coconut from kerala good quality if getting best price

          • prasad
            June 12, 16:01 prasad

            we are supplying cocunets contact us my mobile no 9642163054

          • sudhir
            September 24, 04:43 sudhir

            hi sir,

            we having our own coconut business, and we are the starter in this hence kindly go through on us and let me know the requirement, and we ready to give a delivery as on date,, if our business going well then its help us to stand in market

          • Siddhartharaju.y
            November 15, 13:42 Siddhartharaju.y

            I Will supply coconut

        • Raja
          January 29, 03:21 Raja

          I will give weekly 6 tons first quality

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        • prapu
          February 16, 16:40 prapu

          You want coconut pls call 7402208445

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        • Rsjiv
          September 16, 14:46 Rsjiv

          I need coconut regularly to chennai big meduin and small or mixed. Can u quote including transport cost my cont no. 9382296436

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        • Arun
          November 26, 08:07 Arun

          Please share your number or call me.Arun

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        • Arun
          November 26, 08:12 Arun

          Please share contact.. Or call 9420490684..Arun

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      • shankar denesh
        May 19, 05:21 shankar denesh

        hello sir how can i help in this your comment i am the coconut whole sale r in bangalore

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      • Donald
        June 05, 11:37 Donald

        We can supply from Karnataka

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        • Padwal
          April 23, 02:48 Padwal

          Starting order quantity 3000 Nos
          Semi Husked Coconut weight 500gms
          Delivery at Panvel near Mumbai
          Please contact me on 9324768652

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        • Nagaraj M
          October 30, 11:34 Nagaraj M

          Hi Donald,
          Hope you are doing good. You are a great opportunity for to supply coconuts from Karnataka. I will share my requirements on email also kindly share your quotation on my email. Have a good time ahead.

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      • NISH
        June 08, 08:15 NISH

        we can supply coconut nearly 50K per month

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      • Vidhya Balu
        June 22, 07:47 Vidhya Balu

        we have 300 coconut trees ready to supply coconut 1500 _ 2000 nos at Bodi every 2 months.. Pls contact Balu- 98423 86929.l

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        • Aarti
          August 12, 08:01 Aarti

          I m interested to purchase coconut 7021221578

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          • N.Ravi
            August 31, 03:03 N.Ravi

            Hi madam I like to share
            This is am in theni I haven coconut per week I give 30000 you want to interst to Bayer please contact me 9916970529

          • Siva
            September 19, 04:58 Siva

            I will supply from konaseema region Andhra Pradesh. Contact me at 9493675567

          • senthil
            September 19, 08:39 senthil

            Hai everybody….I’m senthil from erode I have tender coconut… With trimmed nd without trimmed coconut for sale anywhere in tamilnadu nd Karnataka nd kerala….I have 40k coconut per month to sale…. With delivery nd without delivery… contact number:09942829627

          • vivek
            September 22, 15:47 vivek

            Iam interested coconut business buying and selling pls contact 7502450638

          • Ajin ebenezer
            October 18, 14:53 Ajin ebenezer

            Hi mam this is ajin from kanyakumary.I can able to sell coconut nearly 10000 pieces per week based on your need semi husked or without husk.for more details you can reach me in mail ( or call me in (9489040907).you can collect directy from my storage area otherwise i will deliver you but charges will be applied for that

          • Rekha
            December 14, 07:33 Rekha

            We are supplying coconut in bulk.
            Please contact us in WATS AP- 0091 8870846404.

          • GURUMURTHY
            January 09, 12:24 GURUMURTHY

            We recommend selling coconut for wholesale if u interested please contact this number 8970213666/7204077871we are in Bangalore supply only

          • Santosh
            April 22, 20:02 Santosh

            We are from Alibag Maharashtra. We could supply Tender Coconut in bulk as you order.
            My contact number 8898328606

          • Sreejith
            June 07, 06:46 Sreejith

            I can arrange fresh coconut from kerala good quality if getting best price

          • Susanta das
            August 11, 13:34 Susanta das

            I’m susanta das in kolkata l supply to your requirements

          • madhan 8778549182
            August 18, 08:52 madhan 8778549182

            Hi mam. we ready to supply maximum no’s please call us.8778549182

      • Nishad
        June 23, 18:04 Nishad

        We can distribute tender coconut above 10000 / day my mobile number 09447625938

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      • chelaa
        June 26, 01:19 chelaa

        dera sir i am from theni i wiil supply coconut from theni my no-7299932838

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      • renibatrader
        July 24, 08:38 renibatrader

        I have coconut

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      • Adhil
        August 19, 09:29 Adhil

        We have coconut as you needed for reasonable price from kerala
        Ready Payment is required

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      • viki
        August 29, 06:08 viki

        i can sell coconut to you regularly. pls contact me

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      • shankar
        September 14, 10:14 shankar

        hello sir please contact me if u want coconut

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      • Siva
        September 19, 04:56 Siva

        I will supply from konaseema region Andhra Pradesh. Contact me at 9493675567

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      • arul Prakash
        October 06, 00:58 arul Prakash

        Suppliers; Buyers; Importers Directory; Latest Suppliers; Latest Buyers. Coconut. Tender Coconut. Copra. Desiccated …8526415878

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      • Dps
        October 08, 09:24 Dps

        I will supply

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      • William
        October 16, 15:52 William

        My name is William we can supplier you regular coconut my whasapp no 00237680622431

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        • PLA -S- MARKETING
          January 08, 02:28 PLA -S- MARKETING

          Sir, vanakkam, I message from Karur, I am shanmugam, my contact number, 9994446009, please call me sir , I am coconut business in karur.

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      • Mohammed
        October 18, 15:45 Mohammed

        We are supplied in wholesale coconuts with packing 9448514025

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      • NAZER.MI
        October 27, 15:04 NAZER.MI


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      • meganathan
        November 04, 07:19 meganathan

        I have coconut

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      • SHIVAM
        November 09, 07:49 SHIVAM


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      • Mahesh
        November 25, 08:07 Mahesh

        Your mobile number 9788144221…i’m a coconut seller..plz reply

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      • veera
        November 26, 07:36 veera

        contact my number

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        December 05, 17:03 ABDUL NAZER.MI

        Your comment..i have all type of coconut weekly i give 50 tons . my name is ABDUL NAZER.FROM LAKSHADWEEP.CONTACT. 9400178308.,9446693081.

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      • Salini
        December 17, 05:33 Salini

        We will supply

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      • vinith
        December 22, 09:03 vinith

        I am the coconut supplier

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      • rajshekhar
        December 22, 10:06 rajshekhar

        yes I can give you from gujrat

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      • barad
        December 27, 05:40 barad

        i am a fresh green coconut supplier contact me

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      • Sairam
        January 03, 19:23 Sairam

        Hi ,my name is Sairam I have a coconut business in Andhra I am selling coconuts I am running this business from 1995.for coconuts supply please contact me on 9440394415

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      • NAVEEN
        January 09, 00:59 NAVEEN

        Im the supplier of husk and tender coconut

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      • Sunil
        January 10, 15:50 Sunil

        Where do u need

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      • PLA -S - MARKETING
        January 27, 17:14 PLA -S - MARKETING

        I give the coconuts regularly . PLEASE call me, 9994446009

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      • Sathesh
        January 31, 09:22 Sathesh

        we can supply to you regularly. can u please contact us.

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      • shankar
        January 31, 10:54 shankar

        hi i am shankar from bangalore who are need tender coconut kindly contact ph:8139928773

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      • karthi
        February 04, 11:17 karthi

        Ok sir i will give requlary how i will condut

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      • Jose
        February 25, 07:10 Jose

        I can sell coconuts. Contact me: 9037914039

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      • Rekha
        March 07, 05:02 Rekha

        Hi We areinterested to supplycoconutto you.
        mycontactis +91 8870846404
        K.B Industries

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      • smiju
        March 21, 06:43 smiju

        Contact 8281364858

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      • maheshkumar.s
        March 21, 12:15 maheshkumar.s

        mr.rajesh contact me

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        March 30, 11:09 MJ CONSUMER STORE

        we are doing coconut whole please contact if you need for export or local purpose – contact: 99247 55293

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      • mukthesh
        March 31, 16:53 mukthesh

        hi i am the seller of Coconuts if you need any details please contact

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      • Shamsudeen
        April 02, 17:54 Shamsudeen

        i have de husking coconut and ill give u regularly.

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      • Shiva
        April 25, 08:12 Shiva

        I will supply please contact on 9493675567

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      • imthi
        May 02, 10:10 imthi

        sir, i am imthias from Lakshadweep. i can supply good quality coconuts and other coconut products..pls feel free to contact me round the clock @09496275165

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      • bala
        May 11, 15:14 bala

        i am supply coconut

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      • Murugesan
        May 26, 11:04 Murugesan

        sir.we are canvassing agent .

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      • venkat
        June 22, 00:36 venkat

        i am supplie the coconuts

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      • Vamsi
        June 26, 23:56 Vamsi

        I can supply

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      • Suganthi
        July 12, 06:41 Suganthi

        Hi we are able to supply the amount of coconut as you required. Kindly call us 8760964963

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      • Devraj
        July 17, 04:57 Devraj

        Plz give ur contact number ..
        We sell good quality dry coconut

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      • madhavan
        July 17, 19:17 madhavan

        i can supply…. 400-600grams basis… madhavan- 9994870289(whatsapp) . jio: 8072236307; weekly 16 or 21 tons i can supply…

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      • Subhasis
        July 19, 01:29 Subhasis

        Please tell me your location and details.

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      • atheeq
        July 20, 12:33 atheeq

        Hi sir its Atheeq here we r starting up a business of coconut export so kindly provide all the details about like price, quality, quantity etc…….

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      • Vijay
        July 21, 05:27 Vijay

        Coconut supply is my main business i will supply you

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      • Wais
        August 08, 12:39 Wais

        Dear sir

        I am a farmer and supplier of coconut in indonesia.
        I see the potential of coconut in Indonesia is very large with good quality in accordance with the needs of the company you need. I intend to invite cooperation as coconut supplier in your company.

        Thank you and Regrads

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      • madhan 8778549182
        August 18, 08:33 madhan 8778549182

        we are ready to supply

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      • Mithra
        August 23, 10:17 Mithra

        Am selling coconuts

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      • Narasimman
        August 26, 05:20 Narasimman

        Daily 1000 to 5000 coconut supplied total tamilnadu so you need coconut peace Rs.12 with good quality transport arrange buyer only so contact 9445989730

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      • Ocean enterprise
        September 06, 06:28 Ocean enterprise

        Our company ocean enterprise supply all kind of coconut.. Tender coconut, raw coconut.
        Conatct number : 79 8464 3573

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      • Ocean enterprise
        September 07, 15:01 Ocean enterprise

        I can provide tender coconut as per requirement

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      • Sujai
        September 23, 02:15 Sujai

        I supply you my no is 9514842649

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      • sudhi
        September 24, 04:39 sudhi

        hi sir,

        we having our own coconut business, and we are the starter in this hence kindly go through on us and let me know the requirement, and we ready to give a delivery as on date,, if our business going well then its help us to stand in market

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      • Mani
        October 11, 13:13 Mani

        I have

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      • Earnest
        October 20, 06:39 Earnest

        I have Colonut

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      • dinesh
        November 23, 09:28 dinesh

        Where that delivery place

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      • Arunkumar
        November 26, 08:27 Arunkumar

        Will u give your contact number

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      • sree
        November 26, 16:47 sree

        I am Sree Kumar from chennai. we are ready to supply coconut. so give your contact no.

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      • sanjay
        November 27, 05:52 sanjay

        we are able to supply

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    • mahendra
      June 10, 10:09 mahendra

      All thebest sir .
      I coconut farmer &coconut trading. Demand your coconut please contact 09942033193

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    • raja
      July 13, 12:01 raja

      i am raj coconut wholesale dealer u can contact me at 962858455

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    • Gullam
      January 29, 15:07 Gullam

      I need cocunt huge qty with best price for export to dubai

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    • Gullam
      January 29, 15:10 Gullam

      Want huge cocunt for export to dubai. 9894113384

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    • M,ashok
      June 05, 14:46 M,ashok

      I have 60000 coconuts at madukkur please contact

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    • govind
      June 16, 16:14 govind

      Your your coconut my no 9960053909

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    • Mohan
      July 07, 23:49 Mohan

      Im mohan from pattukkottai.. if u want coconut contact me 9994715647

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    • Hema
      October 27, 16:51 Hema

      We r searching for kopparai for oil extraction

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  2. Anna
    October 01, 07:04 #2 Anna

    We are exporter coconut products, pls contact
    Email: laivdelta at gmail dot com

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  3. surekha
    October 09, 08:03 #3 surekha

    Suppliers of coconut 100 nos to 200 nos in a week. Interest can contact 9008829187

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    • Renganathan Chellaiah
      February 25, 12:34 Renganathan Chellaiah

      this is my no call and order to me what type of coconut u need .7373436816.

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    • siva
      October 03, 15:11 siva

      Dear sir!
      I am from kanyakumari my name issivasubramanian,coconet,banana leafes,seller I’m regular suppliersupplier if u have any ideas call me my what’s up no 7810861500

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  4. deepak js
    February 26, 08:26 #4 deepak js

    supplier of coconut in karnataka, contact no 7204857305

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  5. Rajeev
    February 28, 08:08 #5 Rajeev

    i am Rajeev, i have own coconut form. i can supply 1000 coconut per week. my mobile no 9884517804

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    March 04, 01:16 #6 THIYAGARAJAN

    We have 350 yielding coconut trees. we are ready for selling coconuts. Buyers can contact me at 9942622345.

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  7. Dharma
    March 10, 04:07 #7 Dharma

    # Hai we are selling coconuts weekly 100 to 200 nos,if needs anybody to contact this number.

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  8. Prashanth
    March 11, 12:07 #8 Prashanth

    We can provide 2500 coconuts in week, please do contact us for bulk orders only.

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  9. A.Abdul kather
    March 14, 13:18 #9 A.Abdul kather

    Hi …We are selling Coconuts & Rice wholesale …Contact +919965737706

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    • Jothi
      January 10, 04:14 Jothi

      Contact Address : 1
      Description: Weekly 1000 qty required below Rs.13 and included delievery to Chennai. Kindly contact us
      Buyers Name : Jothi
      Company Name : New Rights
      Mobile Number : 9551941367
      Email Id :
      Address :
      Country : India
      State : Tamil Nadu
      City : Chennai

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      • mani
        March 07, 05:44 mani

        i am ready to sent your requirement coconut, if you want contact to me
        cont : 9600669128

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    • Jothi
      January 10, 04:16 Jothi

      Description: Weekly 1000 qty required below Rs.13 and included delievery to Chennai. Kindly contact us
      Buyers Name : Jothi
      Company Name : New Rights
      Mobile Number : 9551951367
      Email Id :
      Address :
      Country : India
      State : Tamil Nadu
      City : Chennai

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  10. rajaneelakandan
    March 16, 02:51 #10 rajaneelakandan

    I am coconut sellar any detail contacd me

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  11. ajith
    March 16, 19:43 #11 ajith

    Iam Ajith.i have 30000 coconut per month.Any 1 interest 2 buy from chennai can contact me no 9943793816

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  12. ganesan
    March 18, 17:51 #12 ganesan

    We are coconut sellers we can supply 5000 per week contact 8489512727

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    March 20, 17:18 #13 P CHANDRA SEKAR


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  14. JOICE
    March 20, 19:15 #14 JOICE

    i can supply 500 to 1000 nos of coconut per week with low price of coconut.if you want kindly contact us. 9884840301

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  15. Jamal
    March 21, 06:02 #15 Jamal

    Hai sir I am Jamal . Now I am doing cocount business. . If youbwant large amount of cocount you should must contact me…please kindly requet you to give me one time order then I prove my self surely……. thank u sir.. phone number: 9597449608

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    • Sathish
      February 20, 20:55 Sathish

      From which area you are doing. Need quotation for husked brown coconut. We require monthly 30ton.

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  16. arun
    March 24, 05:31 #16 arun

    I produce and supply the best and fresh coconut pls contect me 8807686768

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  17. Nitin Naik
    March 26, 15:22 #17 Nitin Naik

    We have a good quality big size coconut at the best price from karwar and Goa. Buyer please contact 9900568694.

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  18. shamsul
    March 26, 17:42 #18 shamsul

    my name is shamsul i m exporter coconut any buyer contuct me my whatsapp number-008801772909692.

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  19. Yuvi
    March 30, 01:34 #19 Yuvi

    We can supply 1,00,000 quantity of coconuts (husked,semi husked) monthly….buyers contact us at anytime…. Yuvaraj : 9500595978 and Naveen : 9003575759

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  20. Ajay
    April 11, 05:16 #20 Ajay

    I have 19000 fresh coconuts, interested ppl can contact. 9047741066

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  21. mithun
    April 13, 10:59 #21 mithun

    Hi.. I am redy to supply 10000 tender coconats evary day….. byers please contact me. this is my number 7760444221 and 9590407125

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  22. jeeva
    April 19, 14:02 #22 jeeva

    we are doing best level in madurai. if any one need huge coconut please contact 7810020141.. manikandan jeeva

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  23. Mukesh
    April 19, 18:57 #23 Mukesh

    I need semi husked coconut.every week I need Min 10 ton semi husked coconut.each coconut have min 600g above. Expected price per coconut 6 rs. if any one supply on regular basis please feel free contact us.

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  24. krishnamoorthy
    May 17, 14:11 #24 krishnamoorthy

    Am Krishnamoorthy from coimbatore, we are selling 5 ton of coconut in 50 days… if any one interested, please contact me Ph: 9994898938

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  25. shankar denesha
    May 19, 05:17 #25 shankar denesha

    Respected all here My name is shankar from Bangalore our business wholesale coconut if there have any kind of requirement feel free to talk with us and deal with and the best export quality coconut what we have larg kind of quantity required of customers we are ready to provide

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  26. Kumar
    May 31, 12:24 #26 Kumar

    I can supply tender coconut. Daily 10000 from tamilnadu

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  27. Chella
    May 31, 17:12 #27 Chella

    I can supply 10000 coconut per month ..

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  28. ramji
    June 02, 04:19 #28 ramji

    Hi I have 2500 coconut at cheep rate any one need coconut pls contact my no 9108647949 I’m in bangalore

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  29. saibabu
    June 05, 13:58 #29 saibabu

    Coconuts bellow the 10 rs
    Sir I am selling the fresh green coconuts in low cost.
    In my village
    My name is saibabu

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  30. v.mahendra kumar
    June 10, 10:14 #30 v.mahendra kumar

    Dear sir,
    I coconut farmer & trading in coconut business please demand coconut contact 09942033193
    Thanks you

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  31. jayesh
    June 11, 06:06 #31 jayesh

    we are suppliers of dry coconut from mumbai with very best quality with very reasonable rate and with large quantity. Feel free to talk or mail us on

    Jayesh Surve

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  32. hari
    June 21, 13:35 #32 hari

    we have supply tons of coconuts per month.anyone can intreast to deal with us call on..

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  33. Vidhya Balu
    June 22, 07:52 #33 Vidhya Balu

    We have 300 coconut tree’s at Bodi / Theni, able to supply 60 days once 1500 – 2000 coconuts deliver.

    Pls contact Balu – 98423 86929

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  34. muralidharan
    June 25, 17:46 #34 muralidharan

    we supply ready 100,000 number of coconuts weekly,Rs 13000 per Ton delivery from Madurai. kindly contact 09994837328 Arunbalaji Madurai.

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  35. chellaa
    June 26, 01:21 #35 chellaa

    i am the coconut suppleir from theni my no -7299932838 pls conbtact me if u want

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  36. safeer
    June 26, 15:17 #36 safeer

    Sir I can give u 10tons coconut daily from Kerala if u r interested u can call me 9567123064

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  37. Murali
    June 30, 11:56 #37 Murali

    We’re looking at selling dry coconut which is from Tumkur Dist. Karnataka.
    If interested plz call 9900774301

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  38. Dinesh
    July 05, 07:17 #38 Dinesh


    If anyone want coconut from maharashtra- mumbai or pune pls contact me @8898304481

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  39. Vidhya Balu
    July 05, 13:18 #39 Vidhya Balu

    I have good developed farm with 250 coconut trees able to supply 1600 – 1800 coconuts once in 50 – days… mostly avoided by us in using chemical fertilisers & pesticide.

    Our water source gives excellent taste of coconut.

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  40. k.p.s
    July 14, 06:35 #40 k.p.s

    (sriandalcoconut ) i will supply all over country in fresh coconut i will sine 1985 – my company to success now any scoutmasters want i will supply any time thank you by k.p.s = +91 8680000694 , +91 9600366748

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  41. vijayakumar
    July 14, 07:22 #41 vijayakumar

    hello sir/madam,
    iam exporting coconut broom from tiruppur.
    if you need this product pls contact me

    ph :9445948535

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  42. Mohammed rabeek
    July 14, 10:36 #42 Mohammed rabeek

    Dear buyers
    I am a supplier from Pudukkottai. I supply 1 to 3 lakhs tender coconts per month if intersted buyers plz contact me 9943057952

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  43. Bhau
    July 16, 01:26 #43 Bhau

    Supplier cookonat whole sell .you supply the coconat .send all information and plz contact 9096430574

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  44. Jussty
    July 23, 03:08 #44 Jussty

    Hi, we have tender coconut to sell regularly from Trivandrum, Kerala. Please contact 9400751563

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  45. vaibhav
    July 24, 09:52 #45 vaibhav

    suppliers Dry coconut good quality 70 rs per kg

    minimum 50 kg order required

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  46. banu
    July 25, 10:25 #46 banu

    Hello sir/ madam
    I am coconut supplier from Tenkasi.We have 700coconut tree’s & able to supply 45 days once 5000 coconuts deliver. Our water source gives excellent taste of coconut.

    Pls contact mohammed :9962423178

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  47. arosh
    August 16, 08:52 #47 arosh

    We are from sri lanka.we export the high quality fresh coconut for reasonable price to world wide.we would like to know new buyers.if you intrest about that please drop us email to

    +94 777 560 915

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  48. Nickname
    August 16, 14:12 #48 Nickname

    I am Deepak coconut suppiler in Karnataka..based at arasikere.. if any one interested contact me.. no..7204857305

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  49. Sanu
    August 22, 09:24 #49 Sanu

    Green coconuts want call me

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  50. reniba trader
    August 28, 15:05 #50 reniba trader

    I am shanmugam from pattukkottai I have fresh coconut if need please contact me no..7397612391

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  51. nazer
    September 10, 17:37 #51 nazer


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  52. Shankar
    September 14, 10:17 #52 Shankar

    Hello Genuine buyers my name is Shankar from bangalore we are based on whole sale coconut seller challenging price and quality of product any one really intrested contact me feel free to talk with us any languages we are cominucate with u Kannada, Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,English Thank You

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  53. sha
    September 16, 05:55 #53 sha

    hi , i am shanmuga from delhi. now i become a coconut wholesale agent in Asia’s largest wholesale market, if u have a any ideas , queries , requirement pls contact me 9810879363 and i am a Tamilan (Indian )

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    • indu
      October 04, 16:32 indu

      Hi…I am Indupriya from Erode Tamilnadu…we are doing traditional method chekku(ghani) oils like coconut oil, groundnut oil, gingelly oil…I would like to find wholesalers…contact me @09942297007

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  54. balaji
    September 18, 06:35 #54 balaji

    50- 100 coconuts available contact 9840608193

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  55. Krishna
    September 20, 13:45 #55 Krishna

    I have coconut from Chidambaram if any wish to buy pls call me soon I’m regular supplier my number 8056525509

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  56. Kundan Singh
    September 22, 05:53 #56 Kundan Singh

    Hi.. My name is kundan singh & I m from Haryana. . I want to buy green tender coconut at wholesale price.. plz genuine seller can contact who r registered with govt. Body….. urgently

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    • geetha mohan
      December 12, 21:27 geetha mohan

      sir,we have coconut sellers having own fields and buys at wholesale price.dont worry.we will provide at least that u can improve yr business as well as my business.the coconuts from konaseema,andhra pradesh.

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    • Krishna
      June 16, 17:09 Krishna

      Hello, Mr. Kundan,
      I am Krishna , working in KK exports , rate is 21 rupees without transport contact me 8600758492

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    • MR.GIRI
      June 27, 06:25 MR.GIRI


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    • cps
      August 28, 04:00 cps

      hello sir we are Supplying lot of green coconut in all over india .price is very low feel free contact number:9585237839,7092173329

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  57. naveen
    November 07, 08:33 #57 naveen

    I have fress tender coconuts in Pollachi area, for regular supply contact me at -8508572639

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  58. murugan
    November 07, 13:14 #58 murugan

    I have coconut 100 trees i can supply sum of coconuts 60 days once buyers contect me 8122890163 kadayanalur tamilnadu

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  59. Handyman traders
    November 11, 13:04 #59 Handyman traders

    Hi my name is Lokesh Gowda am whole sale supplier of Coconut if you required pls call me

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  60. Ravi
    December 11, 06:46 #60 Ravi

    Hi,I’m Ravi chandran,I have my own farm natural coconuts in CHENNAI. Monthly I can offer 500 to 1000 coconuts per month.I CAN GIVE @ BEST PRICE !!!!

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  61. Rekha
    December 14, 06:50 #61 Rekha

    Hello Buyers, I am from KB Industries, Madurai. We are the wholesale suppliers of Fresh Coconuts to all buyers globally.

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  62. navi
    December 20, 16:30 #62 navi

    Hi am Naveen Polachi. I had 50 tones of Green Coconut and Dry Coconut 100 tones. If anybody in need just ring me
    Phone : 8675309993
    mail :

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  63. manoj
    December 25, 13:51 #63 manoj

    Hi, my name is MANOJ KUMAR from POLLACHI.i able to supply tender coconuts and coconut for spot payment mode.if anyone want tender coconuts and coconut contact me
    cell no; 8760389731

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  64. Vinay Agri Traders
    December 26, 07:38 #64 Vinay Agri Traders

    Dear All – We are from Vinay Agri Traders,

    We are in Coconut business for past 6 years and would like to sell Coconut, Tender coconut, cobra or any coconut related products.
    We are from Pollachi, Coimbatore Tamilnadu
    Pls write your demands to

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  65. Shekar
    December 28, 11:36 #65 Shekar

    I have coconuts
    I will give you 7000-12000coconuts per week

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  66. Akbi
    December 29, 11:18 #66 Akbi

    i am from kerala , i can supply tenmdur coccunut
    as much as you required on the basis of against payment
    contact 9659595687

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  67. B.krishnan
    January 05, 07:46 #67 B.krishnan

    Hello sir,welcome.My name is B.Krishnan,Cell no-(country code-0091)9443185340,my web,mail am ready to supply, ”POLLACHI TALUK,(TAMILNADU,INDIA) COCONUT,HUSKED COCONUT,SEMI HUSKED COCONUT,BROWN COLOUR COCONUT,BLACK COLOUR COCONUT,TENDER COCONUT,(GREEN,RED,YELLOW)”.Your order pl,thank you.

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  68. gopal
    January 08, 08:54 #68 gopal

    I am Gopalakrishnan selling coconut in Erode. if anyone s interested to buy or sell coconut in good quantity plz contact me… 9965053659.

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  69. amey
    January 10, 21:10 #69 amey

    I can sell coconut 6000 per month so please contact me on 9665587266 I m from border of goa and maharashtra (Dodamarg)

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  70. karthick
    January 15, 12:27 #70 karthick

    I need fresh tender coconut
    water content: 500ml +
    order frequency: 8000pieces to 12000 weekly 5 days
    target price: rs.13 ex per piece
    any interested suppliers can contact me

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  71. MANOJ
    January 17, 05:00 #71 MANOJ

    My name MANOJ KUMAR from POLLACHI.
    I am a tender coconut and all type of coconut exporter and seller.
    If you need TENDER COCONUT
    contact mobile number 8760389731

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  72. Sunil
    January 17, 05:41 #72 Sunil

    Hi i am from bangalore , i can supply all types coconut products .

    Please contact me at +91 70225 77009

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  73. Vasu bhai
    January 24, 18:19 #73 Vasu bhai


    We have husked coconut ,500 tons stock every month we can supply Tamilnadu Karnataka Andhra coconuts regularly ,@ low price


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  74. Azmat Khan
    January 31, 13:18 #74 Azmat Khan

    I require 10000 tender coconut every month pls contract 09850795353

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    • kumar
      March 08, 05:44 kumar

      Iam kumar from Erode i can supply tender coconut.Reply me your requirement and price per piece

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  75. Manoj
    February 04, 07:16 #75 Manoj

    We have trimmed tender coconut in pollachi at very very lowest price in compared to other companies.
    Price – 40/piece

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  76. nofa
    February 09, 02:47 #76 nofa

    We have 2 type vergin coconut oil
    100ml 200,500,1000ml
    Export quality

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  77. Guna
    February 11, 18:22 #77 Guna

    I require 50000 tender coconut every month contract number 9944433154

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  78. Vasanth
    February 15, 05:58 #78 Vasanth


    We have all type of Coconuts. I can supply best price and good quality as per your requirements.Pls contact for further details- +919578410201

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  79. T.SURESH
    February 17, 09:32 #79 T.SURESH


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    February 19, 17:26 #80 ABDUL NAZER


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  81. Aravind
    February 19, 17:54 #81 Aravind

    Hai sir i will supply large size of cocunuts pls give order to me
    Cell. 9003924702

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  82. suganthi
    February 21, 11:22 #82 suganthi


    i am suganthiramasamy, we can supply first grade coconut from pollachi.

    contact us:8760964963

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  83. sri
    February 22, 10:12 #83 sri

    We recommend selling coconut for wholesale if u interested please contact this number 9742739028 we are in Bangalore supply only and i wil provide it best price .

    Home delivery – only JP Nagar

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  84. Jose
    February 25, 07:18 #84 Jose

    I have coconuts to sell. I am Kerala based. Contact no: 9037914039

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  85. Jose
    February 25, 09:21 #85 Jose

    Selling coconuts. Kerala based. Contact: 9037914039

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  86. Rekha
    March 07, 05:04 #86 Rekha


    We are interestedto supply coconuts to you.

    Please contact us +918870846404

    KB Industries

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  87. Senthil
    March 10, 08:37 #87 Senthil

    Hello i am selling coconut i live in kumbakonam . conduct no : 8675231275

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  88. Sans
    March 12, 13:28 #88 Sans

    Hai this is samsudeen from palani – dindigul district – tamilnadu

    We having all size 200gm-500 gm coconuts..

    Every weak we sell 10 tons..

    Anyone need call at

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  89. selva
    March 14, 09:20 #89 selva

    Selling coconuts. Batlagundu / dindugal based. Contact: 99410 44620

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  90. KUMAR
    March 17, 06:06 #90 KUMAR


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  91. akram
    March 20, 03:26 #91 akram

    i have 10000 coconut i want to sell plz contact 9844161837

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  92. maheshkumar.s
    March 21, 12:18 #92 maheshkumar.s



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  93. Raj
    March 29, 05:00 #93 Raj

    I need fresh tender coconut,
    water content: 400ml +
    order frequency: 5000 pieces to 6000 weekly. target price: rs.11 or rs.12 per piece. i am from ratnagiri maharashtra.
    any interested suppliers can contact me. my email I.D is

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    • Krishna
      June 16, 17:17 Krishna

      Hello, Mr. Kundan,
      I am Krishna , working in KK exports , rate is 21 rupees without transport contact me 8600758492

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  94. Huzaifa
    March 29, 05:18 #94 Huzaifa

    I need fresh tender coconut,
    water content: 400ml +
    order frequency: 5000 pieces to 6000 weekly. target price: rs.11 or rs.12 per piece. I am from Ratnagiri Maharashtra.
    any interested suppliers can contact me.
    Email I.D –

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  95. naveen pollachi co
    April 09, 19:08 #95 naveen pollachi co

    I have supply Pollachi fresh coconut… supply from line market in Coimbatore hotel ,stores daily weekly anyother u want coconut plz contact him no: 8675309993 Coimbatore and Pollachi area free door delivery only

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  96. Murugan
    April 11, 03:05 #96 Murugan

    I want cocnut daily 2 ton more pls contact me

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  97. Kandavel
    April 15, 06:49 #97 Kandavel

    Hello sir coconut spotur quality coconut contact my WhatsApp number 9786947971

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  98. Coconut World Association
    April 21, 04:15 #98 Coconut World Association

    Get daily coconut price updates by clicking below link

    Share this to other groups and to your friends also

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  99. Abdul
    April 22, 01:43 #99 Abdul

    si,madam, i abdul i want rice pls contact 9446693081

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  100. shiva
    April 25, 08:13 #100 shiva

    we supply all types of coconuts from East godavari, Andhra pradesh. anyone need please contact me at 09493675567

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  101. Praveen
    May 02, 09:03 #101 Praveen

    We want dry coconuts up to 10 lackhs from andhrapradesh and chennai

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  102. imthi
    May 02, 10:14 #102 imthi

    i am imthias mohammed T B .. i hail from the land of coconuts ie, Lakshadweep. i can supply good quality coconuts and other coconut products to all indian states as well as to various countries..Pls contacvt me round the clock @09496275165

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  103. Sureshprabhu
    May 03, 18:04 #103 Sureshprabhu

    I have coconut 3000units size large area pollachi contact 09940940453

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  104. Gowtham
    May 06, 12:38 #104 Gowtham

    We supply large quantity of good quality coconut, tender coconut and copra as you need
    Pls call 9788113732

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  105. guru exports
    May 11, 11:21 #105 guru exports

    hi! friends i am GURU EXPORTER in tamilnadu if u buy coconut domestic (or) international kindley contact for me

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  106. Abdul
    May 15, 03:05 #106 Abdul

    Dear Sir.I Abdul I Have Huge quantity fresh coconut shell please contact my no_9400178308

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  107. Ramesh kumar
    May 18, 08:24 #107 Ramesh kumar

    Hi, we have 1000 nos coconuts we need to sell it for Rs 18 per piece any body required please contact me 8015633086

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  108. Masood
    May 24, 07:29 #108 Masood

    Dear all,

    i want to do the business with high profits, can u please explain to me

    contact details 7406885036

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  109. chaitanya
    June 02, 15:24 #109 chaitanya

    I have a dry coconut. I want to sale. pls contact 9030540413

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  110. Jerry
    June 12, 13:11 #110 Jerry

    I have 1ton of coconut I want to sell I am near Tanjore(pattukkottai) if anybody want call this number 7397660868

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  111. gopi
    June 16, 16:05 #111 gopi

    I am sale your coconut phone no 9960053909

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  112. govind
    June 16, 16:26 #112 govind

    my sale your coconut phone number 9960053909

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  113. Prashant Lakeshri
    June 23, 02:28 #113 Prashant Lakeshri


    This is Prashant Lakeshri.. I have 200 Coconuts to sell.. I m from Kankavali… I want nearest regular Buyer… My contact No. is 9969527733 / 55

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  114. MR.GIRI
    June 27, 06:33 #114 MR.GIRI

    We are suppliers of fresh cocconut , tender cocconut , dessic ated cocconut powder ,Kindly feel free to contact us ..

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  115. Eswar kumar
    July 01, 02:49 #115 Eswar kumar

    I am eswar kumar from andhra Pradesh i want to start a business in selling a coconuts please contact me if any body want coconuts forweekly or monthly in loads my number is 8143426424

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  116. Aishwarya
    July 01, 23:05 #116 Aishwarya

    Pls leave your phone number .And ur location pls

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  117. mohanraj
    July 02, 11:44 #117 mohanraj

    My name is Mohan
    I doing it Coconut copra coconut oil coconut sells other Coconut products I will do please call me.-:9442427823

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  118. Abdul
    July 06, 22:35 #118 Abdul

    I Abdul from Lakshadweep .I have dry coconut and coconut,Copra monthly I can give you 3 lakhs nos coconut and 400 tons Copra also pls contact -9400178 308,944-6693081

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  119. Khan
    July 18, 23:02 #119 Khan

    I have capacity to supply 28000 pcs green coconut everyday. So any one have the requirement, Pls contact Me.
    Mr. H R Khan (Kolkata, India)
    +91 9836445412

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  120. Mr Khan
    July 19, 01:41 #120 Mr Khan

    I am doing the business supply green coconut & any kind of rice from Kolkata, West Bengal India. So if anybody have any requirement please contact me.

    Mr. Khan +91 9836445412

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  121. Ariv
    July 19, 22:04 #121 Ariv

    We are exporting cocounts from Thanjavur to Chennai . Generally we are a farmer.Anyboay want cocounts please contact me..

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  122. 9844023105
    July 29, 09:09 #122 9844023105

    We are suppliers of good quality tender coconuts, for more info please reach us on below contact no: 9844023105

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  123. Sindhu Agro Ltd
    July 29, 09:13 #123 Sindhu Agro Ltd

    We are the best quality suppliers of tender coconuts from East Godavari district. For more info please reach us on contact 9844023105.

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  124. Kannan
    August 07, 04:12 #124 Kannan

    Hi dear sir this kannan. We are sale on tender coconut from theni here price Rs.19 rupees wherever in Tamil nadu we can transport charge separate anybody you want kindly call me this number.9952001291

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    August 07, 07:43 #125 Susanta das

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    September 16, 14:51 #131 Rajiv

    interested in coconut weekly 3 trucks to chennai Arumbakkam. Can u please quote in tons or average coconuts including transport charges. Payment immediate on delivery

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    • Sathish
      October 21, 08:53 Sathish

      Sir I Can do above requirements but price is based on our product quality and quantity for further details Pls contact below no 7397679216

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