Drumstick Buyers list

November 06 04:09 2013

We are the traders that want suppliers who could deliver us drumsticks in large quantities and impressive quality, the ones that could be delivered abroad too. Drumsticks are available in a hoard of quality, shape and size and we supply all of these, regardless of the place they are grown. Though these vary in their shape and size, we keep track that the quality of the item is not compromised with so that you could get the natural taste of the item in your plate. Apart from the drumsticks, we also trade in a variety of fruits, vegetables and Indian Spices such as tomatoes, potatoes, turmeric etc. If you are a supplier, please contact us.

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  1. kanadhasan
    September 25, 09:05 #1 kanadhasan

    vegtables rice buyers

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    • shekar
      March 21, 06:42 shekar

      Hello Sir/Mam,

      We have newly start sathyaa exports & imports

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      • Nandy
        October 02, 11:27 Nandy

        I want to export artistic item like pata chitra.

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      • Aadi
        December 26, 13:25 Aadi

        I am a farmer farming in 80-120 bigas of land. I grow Drunsticks,mangos, cotton,wheat, etc…I would like to do export of my products. you can contact me on my number :- 9879503948

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        • Murali
          January 30, 05:08 Murali

          Dear Aadi,
          Call me please i need Drum stick leaves

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          • anand
            March 06, 09:02 anand

            Sir I have drumsticks near 1.5 tonn if u want pls cal me 9620140629

          • ajith
            April 09, 15:17 ajith

            Sir I have drumstick leaves if u need call me 9087058410

          • Vijay
            April 15, 11:27 Vijay

            Please let me know are you interested in buying Dru.stick or drumsticks leaves

          • Govindarajan
            April 19, 06:05 Govindarajan

            We have drumstick,drumstick leaves,papaya,lemon,brinjal,coconut,ladysfinger,etc at reasonable price good quality and time management if you want anything call 9003753437

          • SRI
            May 27, 08:01 SRI


            KARNATAKA, INDIA

          • sagar
            May 28, 16:59 sagar

            sir, what is requirement of drumstick or leaves

          • Nikhil Amin
            June 14, 03:37 Nikhil Amin

            We have 2.5 ton moringa seed at Gujarat. May I know what price you can offer.

          • Ayya
            August 29, 07:37 Ayya

            I nead per kg rate

          • Shyamu
            November 27, 09:22 Shyamu

            We have 30 acre farm of organic mornings leave and drumstick if any body interested to buyer old contact us mom. 9074818419

          • siva a
            December 21, 05:42 siva a

            Dear murali ,

            let me know are u interested in buying Drumstick leaves..if u need contact me..i am doing drumstick farm more than year ..

          • dina
            May 13, 09:11 dina

            i have drum stick leaves call me 9894440444

          • Jayasurian
            September 16, 00:04 Jayasurian

            We are planning to cultivate drum stick leafs

          • Manjunath
            September 17, 06:59 Manjunath

            Call me

          • Manjunath
            October 29, 07:03 Manjunath

            Drumstik leaves are available with us you can call us 9886156443

          • Niki122
            December 01, 06:56 Niki122

            Please contact me if you need drumstick 9824697777

          • prashanth
            April 18, 06:32 prashanth

            dear murali sir ,we are newly farming a drunsticks in 2 acre please call this we will help you 7349324972

          • Mahesh
            May 26, 04:43 Mahesh

            Leavesof drumstick

        • squareexim
          December 11, 04:34 squareexim

          — Hello Sir,
          I am from India. I am an exporter in India. I export Fresh lemon and Pomegranate and drumstick. If you want to import Lemon & Pomegranate&drumstick please Contact me.

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          • Siva a
            December 21, 04:59 Siva a

            Morning sir,

            let me know how much requirement u need..
            we are doing drumstick forming. more than 10 years…
            If anything else Kindly contact me..acalex004@gmail.com.

          • vijay
            February 09, 08:26 vijay

            i can supply you moringa powder, drumstick – all organic. let me know if we can work together.

          • Ashish Joshi
            July 20, 06:11 Ashish Joshi

            Hi, I can provide you Moringa sticks and Seeds. We have a farm of 70 acre where we have this cultivation in India. The farming is under organic condition.

          • Komal Surin
            December 02, 03:31 Komal Surin

            Dear sir/madam
            I have to plan cultivation of drumstick & moringaleafs (organi) around 20 acre area . If any body can interested to buy then please contact with me. 07587184036

          • vinod
            May 28, 06:18 vinod

            i am vinod
            from: andhrapradesh, prakasam district
            we have 1 ton of best quality drumstic vigetables if u want to anybody call me my number 9182749056

          • Shrikant
            June 21, 16:51 Shrikant

            Drumstick supplier

          • Ganesh
            February 27, 16:37 Ganesh

            Hi sir I have drumstick to sell what rate will you offer per kg

      • k vinoba
        February 18, 07:10 k vinoba

        we have drumsticks

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      • anand
        March 06, 15:13 anand

        Dear sir i have drumstick vegetables around 1 tonn if u want pls cal me urgent

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        • vijay
          June 19, 11:25 vijay

          Pls send us best price we need 1 ton per week drumstick

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          • Ashish Kolte
            July 04, 20:39 Ashish Kolte

            We have drumstic around 750kg per week. Having organic

          • Raj
            July 13, 07:45 Raj

            Can supply From nagpur Maharastra can contact me on 9766876168 all organic zero use if pesticides

          • Samiappan
            August 07, 01:14 Samiappan

            Drumstick available

          • Siva a
            December 21, 05:10 Siva a

            Dear sir let me know what price can u offer..i hav to supply 1ton/per week capability..kindly send me ur feedback.

          • Raja
            February 28, 20:00 Raja

            I have

          • Naresh
            July 26, 09:19 Naresh

            i can give 1kg RS.15. Please call +65 90357492

          • Raviraj
            October 14, 15:12 Raviraj

            We have 5 acre drumstick

          • KAPIL KAUSHIK
            November 26, 09:49 KAPIL KAUSHIK

            Hi sir we have 200acares &above cultivation ready to harvest drumsticks, if you interested please contact me at whatsapp no +91 9479540391

          • Jay
            March 28, 03:30 Jay

            Sir i hav drumsticks leaves and powders

          • Amar
            May 31, 15:13 Amar

            Hi Vijay, we have have planted drumstick in 180 acres will be getting yield by dec 2019 if you are interested in Drumstick or leaves you can contact us for best rates and bulk buying

        • S Selvam
          September 23, 15:50 S Selvam

          Please call me sir

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      • GAUTAM
        March 17, 15:11 GAUTAM

        drumstick frame selling

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        April 28, 07:08 NARAYANAN

        Drum stick SEEDS

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      • Kuljot
        July 29, 04:05 Kuljot

        Sell moringa drumstick and seeds

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      • Kuljot
        July 29, 04:12 Kuljot

        Sell moringa drumstick and seeds of good quality plz wats app or call on +919827243613

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      • amol
        August 06, 14:59 amol

        Let me know what you export.

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      • Christopher
        September 05, 08:54 Christopher

        We have moringa seeds contact @ 6379701819

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        October 23, 09:07 KAPIL KAUSHIK

        Hi sir what you want to export

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      • Manjunath
        October 29, 07:44 Manjunath

        Hi satay exports we have moringa leaf powder if you are interested contact us 9886156443

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      • Yashodhan
        November 14, 09:44 Yashodhan

        Drumstick leaf selling

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      • Bharat
        December 13, 14:13 Bharat

        I am Drumsticks,chilli,lemon farmer if you require then call me
        Mo 6355065250

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      • Narendra
        December 24, 01:54 Narendra

        Good morning sir we cultivated Moringa leaf in 8acres in organic methods but we don’t have organic certification. Can u advise for marketing.

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      • ARul
        June 11, 05:05 ARul

        Sir i have lots of drumsticks. Fresh and nature drumsticks, so if u want drumsticks, call my num 8098043063

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      • Vivian Enterprises
        September 16, 01:41 Vivian Enterprises

        We are supplier of Moringa dried leaves, Moringa powder and also other moringa product,If any requirement please feel free to contact us
        Our office : Mumbai
        Mob: 9136120042

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    • muthukumarm
      October 20, 02:08 muthukumarm

      we have new & fresly start new world univercell exports

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    • Natarajan
      December 10, 11:13 Natarajan


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    • Kural mani
      April 28, 07:05 Kural mani

      Hi dear sir I have ready to supply Samai (little millet) rice, if you need contact me

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    • Nitesh
      July 09, 04:55 Nitesh

      I m drumstick farmer

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    • indra kumar
      January 03, 11:26 indra kumar

      Dear Buyers,

      I am Indra Kumar, we have cultivated around 20,000 drumstick plants (PKM1) in about 40 acre land near Hiriyur (Taluk), Chitradurga(District), in Karnataka state. We had sowed in drumstick seeds on Aug-15 2017 and we are expecting the fully grown Drumsticks by starting from Feb-March 2018.

      Please let me know if any buyers are interested.

      My Contact Details:

      Name: Indra Kumar
      Land: 40 Acre
      Drumstick Plants: 20,000
      Seeds Type: PKM1
      Place: Hiriyur (Taluk), Chitradurga(District), Karnataka, India. Pin: 577598
      Contact Mobile: 91.9900700599 / 91.9945211652
      Email: Indra.kumar@yahoo.co.in / arjun75@gmail.com

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  2. Shekar
    March 21, 06:39 #2 Shekar

    Hello Sir.Mam,

    We have newly started sathyaa exports & imports. I hope genuine business.

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  3. harshawardhan agro
    June 09, 09:53 #3 harshawardhan agro

    i hav 6 acre plantation of drumsticks in in nagpur…production will start at dec 2016

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  4. Rocky
    June 17, 13:51 #4 Rocky

    We are fresh vegetables supplier’s ? Daily up to 5 To 10 Tons Daily , All over Tamilnadu, Kerala , Banglore Plz Call us For More Information, Rajesh 9524961245

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  5. veeranna
    June 26, 10:08 #5 veeranna

    Hi veeranna here I have 8acres drumstic plantation at vijaypur dist if any buyers plz contact to 9886623920.

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  6. Rajput Kishorsinh
    June 27, 17:43 #6 Rajput Kishorsinh

    I have 2 acres. Plantion. of Morninga. plz Help to. marketing… information

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    June 28, 14:25 #7 MANISH

    we have recently started cultivation of drumstick.would like to sell in the months of nov dec 2016.

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  8. Nimai
    July 12, 02:33 #8 Nimai

    We have 60 acres of drumstick (pkm1) plantation.
    Harvesting has just started. If anybody is interested in buying please contact on 9049997141.

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  9. Hasmukh patel
    July 16, 17:03 #9 Hasmukh patel

    We have a drum stick plantation of about 300 acres, drum stick leaves plantation of about 50 acres ,and pomegranate plantation of about 75 Acres , we would accept domestic as well as export buyers.
    Kindly contact to my what’s app number: 09687878155.

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  10. Vasanth
    July 17, 14:48 #10 Vasanth

    We have a large qty of drumsticks with good quality by organic forming. If u interested plz contact to my mail

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  11. H>V.venkateshappa (Mestru)
    July 20, 22:57 #11 H>V.venkateshappa (Mestru)

    I have 1.5 Acre Drumstick (PKM 1) farm in Haleperesandra village near chickballapur, 70 kms from Bengaluru. I can supply 500 kgs/week right now. iam planting in another 3 acres. the new farm will be ready for harvesting from January 2017. After that I can supply 500 kgs daily. Either i can supply to Bangalore or interested persons can collect from my farm

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  12. yogi
    July 25, 01:07 #12 yogi

    hi..i have planted drumstics for 2 acres in july 2016.. can i cotact u for my sales when the production starts..??

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  13. yogi
    July 25, 01:10 #13 yogi

    the drumstick verity is of moringa oliefera

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  14. sun export
    July 25, 09:01 #14 sun export

    We are new exporter from in India. we exporting fresh vegetables and semi hushed coconuts and young coconuts

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  15. Krishna
    July 26, 17:15 #15 Krishna

    I can supply drumstick in Maharashtra Gujarat and on any other state as per as required contact 8286174491 especially Mumbai

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  16. asokmithra
    July 29, 16:31 #16 asokmithra

    plan to export drumstic daily 1 or 2 tons packed 10 kg carton and in your trade names also. interested may contact watsup 9442230974

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  17. Raj
    July 30, 10:22 #17 Raj

    Hello, we are a supplier of organic products, Moringa seeds Grade A and powder, spices, turmeric and Herbal seeds. My contact details are delightimpex2@gmail.com mobile +91 44 9884303071

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  18. arun raut
    August 24, 14:59 #18 arun raut

    we have 4 acers of drumstick plantation for any type of related purchasing near mumbai, pls call. Arun mo. 7057900444

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  19. VIVEK N
    September 12, 04:39 #19 VIVEK N


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  20. kaushik
    September 12, 05:58 #20 kaushik

    i have planting 4 acre in drumstics

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  21. Mussi
    October 01, 05:20 #21 Mussi

    I have 3 acre drumsticks farm near Berhampur. Variety PKM1. Ready to supply anywhere.
    Ph- 9937007792

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  22. Boopathi
    October 14, 00:06 #22 Boopathi

    I have 50 acre of drumsticks plant 1000 kg drumstick seed.

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  23. kathiravan
    October 19, 13:27 #23 kathiravan

    hi sir i am kathiravan i have a all type of exports u need anything call me 91 7373225226

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  24. Soma
    October 21, 07:09 #24 Soma

    We are one of the largest exporters of fresh farm picked vegetables. Our main product is Tomatoes, which we are doing in a very large scale. Kindly do get back to me if this mutual business relation interests you. Thanks.

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    • Jack Agro
      December 26, 10:28 Jack Agro

      Hello Soma,

      We have Dumsticks plantation in Kutch (Gujarat). If you are exporter pls let us know if you are interested.


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  25. urvesh
    October 26, 13:19 #25 urvesh

    My 12 vidha plant
    Starting cutting of sargvo ( dumistrik)
    Tree… Pan…pati…and cuting tree….
    Kisi ko chahiye to batavo

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  26. Selvi
    November 04, 10:21 #26 Selvi

    We have 1700 drumstick trees at 25 acres. Which is greeny and lengthy quality aswell.interested pls contact for export or internal- 9843383659 selvipugal3@gmail.com

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  27. Selvi
    November 04, 10:30 #27 Selvi

    Hi all, we have 25 acres of drumstick trees. Interested pls contact us for export or internal market. Mobile: 9843383659

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  28. Kallappa
    November 08, 06:19 #28 Kallappa

    We have 1.5 acres of drumstick ready to sell fresh drumstick, interested byers plz contact – 8792208898

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  29. Khan
    December 02, 18:03 #29 Khan

    Sir I Can Provide You The Very Best…!! Please Send Me Your Contact Details !!

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  30. Natarajan
    December 10, 11:16 #30 Natarajan

    My Company Export Potato, Tomoto

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  31. Marali
    December 12, 10:01 #31 Marali

    We are having naturally grown drumstick cultivation in 2 acres, anyone needs drumstick pkm1 variety seeds, leaves powder , pods, pls contsct us.

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  32. Suraj Kesarwani
    December 12, 10:23 #32 Suraj Kesarwani

    We are planning for farming of drum stick, if any body interested in buying the same
    we are looking for export opportunities

    pls do contact me in 9015712422

    we can provide in whatever qty as you required

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    • Dip
      April 20, 11:51 Dip

      I want buyers of drumsticks leaf powder… Its totally organic.. If anybody plz call me on 8638388291

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  33. s k
    December 24, 11:41 #33 s k

    We have 1700 drumstick trees at 17acres. Which is greeny and lengthy quality aswell.interested pls contact for export or internal-7043529132

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  34. Jack Agro
    December 26, 10:24 #34 Jack Agro

    We have Drumsticks(Moringa) plantation in Kutch (Gujarat). Local as well as Export Inquiries Solicited.
    Contact Mr. Chirag – 9930509990 for further details.

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  35. Dipesh baraiya
    December 28, 15:59 #35 Dipesh baraiya

    Hello Sir/mam/dear friends
    I’m dipesh baraiya
    From Gujarat Bhavnagar
    My farm house
    Fresh vegetables & fruits
    My contact ..09920990222/07208789222/

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  36. Rohit G.Hadia
    December 29, 06:54 #36 Rohit G.Hadia

    moringa sealer products. so please contact me my mob no 9427870001

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  37. Pandian
    January 14, 01:21 #37 Pandian

    Hi, very nice day I am Fresh Vegetables exporter in Tamil Nadu [INDIA]

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  38. Arvind Korat
    January 20, 04:51 #38 Arvind Korat

    We have available 100% organic drumstick and seedless lemon in bulk produced from our farm, if any required let me know…my mail id is arvindkorat@gmail.com (M) 9998000050

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  39. J R EXPORT
    January 21, 07:55 #39 J R EXPORT

    we are the fresh exporter seeking enquiry for fresh vegetables such as Drumstic, Red onion, sambar onion, Ridge gouard, all beans variety, Gawar and Tindly etc.,

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  40. Thunai
    January 28, 10:45 #40 Thunai

    Dear Sir,

    We ESANAGRO (A member of Farmers Market) established in 2013, located in India, are a leading exporters & farmers market for Semi Husked Coconuts, Fresh Vegetables (Beans, cabbage, beetroot, cauliflower and Ash Gourd). As we had spread our branches in local market, we are eager to export our product to native countries. As we found everything best about your organisation, we are very much interested to tie the business with you. We need your kind help for us to grow further and to be a part of our organisation.

    Please, be advised, if you have an aim or plan ‘to add, any of our product to your business’.

    We always welcome your enquires and are here to assist you at any time with better quality and service. If you have any requirement in India, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Hope your kind understanding and hope you will consider our request and give us business opportunity, in near feature.

    Await your valuable reply.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Mob: 7598622441,7092183441
    Tamilnadu, India
    pollachi, Tamilnadu, India

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  41. Patidar
    February 05, 13:27 #41 Patidar

    I’m in supplying every week 10 tons FRESH DRUMSTICK

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  42. Kishore
    February 13, 11:54 #42 Kishore

    We have 100 acre Drumstick farm interested people plz contact me at 9894790091

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  43. Venu
    February 15, 17:23 #43 Venu

    I am interested in buying Drumstick powder and drumstick sun dried leaves.

    Please contact 9482297489

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  44. kvin
    February 18, 07:11 #44 kvin

    we have to supply drumsticks a tonne per day

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  45. kvin
    February 23, 06:29 #45 kvin

    we supply drumsticks

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  46. Anand
    March 06, 15:31 #46 Anand

    Dear sir,
    I am a farmar I have a 2 acre of drumstics vegetable I want to sale if u interested pls cal me

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  47. Anand
    March 06, 15:32 #47 Anand

    Dear sir,
    I am a farmar I have a 2 acre of drumstics vegetable in Karnataka, Bijapur I want to sale if u interested pls cal me

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  48. sureshkumar m
    March 16, 10:34 #48 sureshkumar m

    We supply to drumsticks

    Thanks and regards
    M suresh kumar

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  49. Sham
    March 16, 16:27 #49 Sham

    I can buy drumstick seed powder if you can export to Canada contact me shamnad21@gmail.com

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  50. PANKAJ
    April 11, 08:26 #50 PANKAJ

    from October 2017 onwards i can supply export quality drumticks.
    my number is 9923007134 / 9422656050

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  51. mmm
    April 17, 11:17 #51 mmm

    i am planning drum stick in 25 acre land in Nagpur. suggest variety, export opportunity, Rate of seed. Leaves dying more beneficial. Organic

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  52. Mahesh B Jalodara
    May 12, 06:56 #52 Mahesh B Jalodara

    I have drum stick Powder or drum stick many stock….

    I sales this product Regnable Price..

    My Contact no : +91 8866825513

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  53. Rajesh
    May 26, 05:41 #53 Rajesh

    we can supply drumstick upto 1 ton with export quality according to buyer requirement pls reach us on 9865383449/9940612363

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  54. Komburaj
    July 07, 09:19 #54 Komburaj

    Dear All,
    We have drumsticks seeds above 500 kgs. Interested pls call me.I am from Thoothukudi – Tamilnadu.

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  55. Nitesh
    July 09, 04:58 #55 Nitesh

    I m drumstick farmer I can export organic drumstick

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  56. bhavesh
    July 20, 06:23 #56 bhavesh

    Dear sir,
    I am a farmer I have a 20 acre of drumsticks vegetable in junagadh, I want to sale drumsticks and seeds, if u interested pls cal me

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  57. Shreekant
    July 27, 23:06 #57 Shreekant

    We can able to send you enough quantity of Drumstick .
    As per your requirement Contact on 9538568886

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  58. Bommaiahraj
    August 10, 09:55 #58 Bommaiahraj

    Hellow Sir/Madam,

    i am doing textile business in malaysia. But now i am improve my business to next level. Thats why i am choosing the export business from india to other countries. I want sell Spirulina products and Moringa Products. Need serious Buyer. If anyone buyer see this post just call me +919715332542(india) +601139317204(Malaysia)

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  59. gp
    September 09, 14:03 #59 gp

    we are ready to supply murungai seeds in large quantity.

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  60. M.A.Patil
    September 10, 08:05 #60 M.A.Patil

    We have 2 quntals of drumstick seeds intrested people can contact me
    Im from Karnataka

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  61. M.A.Patil
    September 10, 08:12 #61 M.A.Patil

    I have drumstick seeds.intrested people can contact me
    Im from Karnataka

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  62. Akash bale
    October 08, 13:03 #62 Akash bale

    Dear All,
    We have drumsticks seeds above 300 kgs. Interested pls call me.I am from aurangabad.

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  63. Bhavesh
    October 27, 06:16 #63 Bhavesh

    I have 50 acer drumstick.
    I supply drumstick in good quality.
    Please contact

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  64. mukund exports
    November 16, 08:55 #64 mukund exports

    i am supplier for drum stick you need drum stick please contact this no. 9820023468

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  65. Kathiresan.K
    November 17, 06:30 #65 Kathiresan.K

    sir i have drumstick any buyers if have please call – 7639913609

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  66. Prakash & Raghubhai
    November 26, 10:43 #66 Prakash & Raghubhai

    My self, Prakash & Raghubhai from Gujarat. I have Segva Drumstick heavy stock to sell. Around 4000 KG everyday from 01 Dec 2017. Can you please call me and provide me details as early as possible.

    Thanks / Prakash & Raghubhai

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  67. Prakash
    November 26, 11:05 #67 Prakash

    Prakash, I have 4000 KG Drumstick every day from 01st Dec 2017. Call me on 9049987709 or 9879594111

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  68. harry
    February 11, 05:32 #68 harry

    I have 50 acres moringa drumstick nd its flowers now Any buyers Compny This is my whatsapp no 9915753572

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    February 11, 12:41 #69 SOWKATH ALI

    Dear All, We are Manufacturing Bulk Moringa product ,
    An ISO9001-2015 certified company,(FSSAI,APEDA,GMP,ISO22000)

    Please contact….Thankyou

    A. Sowkath Ali, (Proprietor)
    Telephone no.: +91 4242250150

    Mobile no.: +91 9842797444

    Email: sahanaexpo@gmail.com



    NO 141,Mercury Corner,

    Mettur Road, ERODE

    ZIP Code 638 011.


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  70. jeeva
    March 24, 06:04 #70 jeeva

    Please let me know are you interested in buying Dru.stick or drumsticks leaves contact 9894928182

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    April 11, 09:33 #71 VISHAL PAWAR

    I am having drumsticks in plot of 15 acres..and I want to sell. Its maximum near daily I can provide 2 tons of drumsticks.
    And main thing is that I can also provide Drumsticks seeds in lot of quantity and also in best quality in packing. Its 100% organic and pure cultivated in natural pesticides which are been used by us. Our main location is vaijapur taluka in auranagabad district ,maharashtra. My company name is SARASWATI FSRM HOUSE. PIN CODE-423701. MY contact no. is (7757073102). calling time morning 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. MONDAY TO SATURDAY.

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  72. dina
    May 13, 09:17 #72 dina

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    June 04, 00:44 #73 VIJAYKUMAR

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  75. Yaksmaks
    August 28, 08:41 #75 Yaksmaks

    I have moringa leaves and drumsticks seeds to sale, in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world,

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  76. Sasikala
    September 21, 05:35 #76 Sasikala

    We are farmers cultivating drumstick and aloe vera .We need export ers to buy our farm products.Help us with relevant informations.

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  77. Shyam
    January 22, 12:38 #77 Shyam

    How do we contact you? We have drumsticks in quantity and export quality.

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  78. TATED
    February 22, 11:36 #78 TATED

    I am planning to cultivate drumstick in 2acre at chandrapur, Maharashtra
    Need help for marketing.
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  79. Skumar
    May 19, 14:07 #79 Skumar

    I am new farmer & seller of drumsticks .
    & Leafs also

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    June 19, 10:45 #80 DMPatel

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  81. DMPatel
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  84. Raman
    October 20, 13:03 #84 Raman

    I am farmer and I am cultivating Drumstick variety (KDM 01 Bhagya) variety in 10 ACres.

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  86. Narendra
    December 18, 09:36 #86 Narendra

    I am farmer in rajasthan and i grow 1200 ton drumstick per year. Any buyer plse contact me

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  87. Narendra
    January 16, 16:54 #87 Narendra

    Morangadrumstk lagwad karat chi ahe Viktghal ka

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  88. Umang
    January 31, 07:24 #88 Umang

    This is Umang Sharma from Global Parli – an Initiative by Mayank Gandhi Sir who is keen to change the nation through rural transformation.

    A few years ago, farmers from Marthwada use to end their lives due to drought and had no financial backup. We worked with the local community in Parli taluka of Beed District to create 222 crore litres of surface water storage capacity by deepening and widening rivers and building other watershed structures.

    Since 2019, we have been working with farmers to encourage change of cropping patterns and switching to modern agricultural techniques to plant fruit trees that can fetch them higher incomes.

    Last Year we planted 11,87,861 saplings of Custard Apple, Lemon, Banana, Drumstick, Papaya, Guava, Mango, Orange, Sweet Lime, and Pomegranate trees. Among these, we have planted 1,45,785 drumstick trees (Siddhivinayak Moringa). By February 2020, they will be ready to produce 1458 tonnes of drumstick.

    In case, there is an interest from your side for procurement of the said produce, we would be happy to help you survey our plantation farms in Parli, Beed.

    Let me know if you have any additional questions/queries. Looking forward to speaking with you in detail.

    Umang Sharma

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  89. Rangaramaiah
    May 11, 23:19 #89 Rangaramaiah

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