Fresh Vegetables Buyers List in India

November 01 02:00 2013

We are the dealers in India that buy and supply vegetables. Therefore, we require people who could supply us vegetables in large quantities. We have a huge requirement for vegetables such as Drumsticks, Drum Leaves, Onion, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lemon, Chilli and green peas etc.  We also require organic products such as Dry Chilli, Okhra, Bottle Gourd, green banana, small round Brinjal, guar, curry leaves, Ginger, Chouly and Chikoo etc. The price of the articles would depend on the quality of the same and we would pay for the items on their delivery. If you are a supplier or a farmer, you could contact us with your details.

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  1. bala
    March 22, 09:53 #1 bala

    I am farmer our farm products of Bhendi (okara )who intersted plz contact 9225436653

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  2. subhash
    June 03, 00:09 #2 subhash

    I m growing avacado butterfruit in a large-scale nd I need to export it for reliable buyers of intrested plz contact +918762988918

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      March 02, 04:37 PRAKASH

      please give me your location, for export packing details, size of avacado, crop harvested date,quality certification, i fcl qty, price fob ,cnf doha,qatar

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  3. Maksudalam
    June 05, 09:14 #3 Maksudalam

    Looking to supply various fresh vegetables to buyer.

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    July 06, 10:18 #4 VIJAY SHETE

    looking for tomato buyer. have developed 100 tonne of tomatoes in agriculture land. at village- kond. osmanabad dist.
    if any buyer please contact NAME- VIJAY SHETE

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  5. Namit
    July 09, 18:14 #5 Namit

    We can supply excellent quality English Carrots at very competitive prices, regular quantity entire year.

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  6. jack
    July 28, 12:07 #6 jack

    Hi i m jakir …
    I m looking for seet corn buyer expoter
    Mo no=7387835082

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  7. jayaprakash
    August 22, 09:41 #7 jayaprakash

    Hi I’m farmer in tamilnadu and I have 21 ton of small onions I need buyers .my num is 9715821675.its good quality sambar onion price approx 25-27 rs per kg

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    • chavda mukesh
      September 25, 09:50 chavda mukesh

      i am selling onion paice 200 of 20kg. your interest

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    • Bhavesh
      November 11, 06:32 Bhavesh

      I have order of 20ton Onion.


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      • judu
        January 10, 14:44 judu


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        • Rahul
          February 12, 06:46 Rahul

          Hello sir! This is Rahul. From West Bengal, Jhargram. I can arrange the vegetable bitter gourds at very lowest price. I have direct link to farmers. If u are interested. Then cont me to this number 9091166442

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        • Manoj patel
          March 27, 15:41 Manoj patel

          Dear sir pls development of cucumber export because Varanasi have produced more than10000ton

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        • hieght
          May 03, 09:56 hieght

          can contact me for org veg

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          • umesh
            September 18, 12:24 umesh

            I am just starting Org. farming

          • RAHUL
            August 10, 20:20 RAHUL

            Kon Kon since vegetables hai. Price Kya h.

        • Toufik
          November 11, 03:48 Toufik

          What type of vegetables are buy..
          I can supply to you tomato and onion

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      • Sandy
        April 13, 11:11 Sandy

        Onions 36 tonnes available in nasik

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      • Dnyaneshwar
        April 29, 03:50 Dnyaneshwar

        If you need 4tonnes and purely organic onions I can serve you

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      • Maganga
        October 05, 15:22 Maganga

        We sell dry organically farmed onions, I need a serous buyer for longtime business partnership.we also have various spice available for sale .so I your interested we can discuss terms ,conditions.

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      • Maganga
        October 05, 15:33 Maganga

        I sent you a massage about dry onions and spices a moment ago and I realize I need to tell where our products comes from .origin from Tanzania, my e mail and my mobile :+255 767 020205. I hope to hear soon from you

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        • Sanjeev
          February 07, 18:24 Sanjeev

          Attn Devtech Tanzania
          We deal in high and best quality red bulb onions at a super low price.We can supply in bulk upto 10 containers per week.Let me know in case you have any such requirements.We maintain strict quality and on time dispatch scheduling.

          We can supply IR64 Paraboiled rice in 100% to 5 to10 % broken fine grain rice and other white rice at bingo price ranges.

          Please ping or write to me

          Best regards
          Leela International Exports Mumbai India
          Mob +919326897139
          Wapp +23276901704

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    • selva
      November 09, 15:03 selva

      iam intrested please send your contact number

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  8. Ramesh
    August 29, 17:02 #8 Ramesh

    Ramesh Chand hi I am faemer from Bulandshahr U.P growing organic cucumber . I need buyers list .

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    September 08, 05:38 #9 SHIVANANDA

    We have cabbage..any buyer call 7353236760

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  10. Mani
    September 13, 11:44 #10 Mani

    Hi am producing vegetable seedlings. Please contact 8978056297

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  11. jerome
    September 13, 16:16 #11 jerome

    I am farmer from tamil nadu in tirupur
    Bittergurd per weak 5tons i want best exports contact:9092873441,9788418677

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  12. Sukumar
    September 20, 09:40 #12 Sukumar

    I am farmer I have sail in capsicum so I want buyer phone number my contact details 9342399041

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  13. satapara piyush
    September 23, 02:46 #13 satapara piyush

    We have produce daily 40000 kg dress and testy tameto .we need good buyer who give us good rate .

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  14. Mussi
    October 01, 05:37 #14 Mussi

    I have drumstick farm in Odisha. Can supply drumsticks , Papaya and onions .

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  15. kaushik
    October 06, 05:15 #15 kaushik

    I have drumstick farm in gujarat.
    excellent quality.
    100% argenic
    Available drumstick in any time. .

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  16. Shivaji Ajabe
    October 08, 05:02 #16 Shivaji Ajabe

    I am Farmer of Lemon Fruits (Limbu) from Maharashtra is there any buyer for this fruits from maharashtra

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  17. Girish Gaikwad
    October 08, 14:46 #17 Girish Gaikwad

    I want agents who can purchase drumsticks from my farm we have around 1 acre of plantation.

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  18. Mussi
    October 13, 08:41 #18 Mussi

    I have 3 acre drumsticks farm near Berhampur. Variety PKM1. Ready to supply anywhere.
    Ph- 9937007792

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  19. Rajender SINGH
    October 23, 11:53 #19 Rajender SINGH

    I have organic certified area and growing all vegetable and supply to market .If you interested demand of organic vegetable floor what and maize . So plz kindly contact me

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  20. Syed
    October 23, 20:59 #20 Syed

    Fruits and vegetables 5star quality bangalore

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  21. Shashi Kumar
    November 01, 17:52 #21 Shashi Kumar

    Hello ppl we hav grown 1000 bunches of coriander in ZBNF that’s 100% naturally grown chemical free
    We can supply it in Bangalore by Thursday
    Interested ppl can Whatsapp me-9844545650

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  22. basha
    November 13, 08:07 #22 basha

    I am Farmer of Lemon Fruits from karnataka is there any buyer for this fruits from karnataka contact : 9590192370

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  23. patel
    November 25, 09:37 #23 patel

    i am suplyer from all vegetable please contact any buyer onion potato garlic etc bhai rahul 9589205446

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  24. harikrushna
    December 03, 03:43 #24 harikrushna

    I am farmer in gujrat
    Sell drumstic and mungfali
    Contact 962490884w

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  25. Vikesh Jamwal
    December 10, 02:28 #25 Vikesh Jamwal

    I m a farmer from himachal , kullu anyone interested in buying brokli vegetable contact me. 9882183483

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  26. Nisha
    December 19, 09:40 #26 Nisha

    we need vegetable buyers.we. supply all typeof vegetables.we r the. wholesaler.we can supply all vegetables on the basis of regular order at low rate .now we r supplying for hotel Colleges. companies marriage functions etc.further details please contact mrs.Nisha:
    cell no.7806991180

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  27. Kamal
    December 21, 11:45 #27 Kamal

    We sell both organic and inorganic vegetables. If interested,please contact.
    Kamal Lata jaiswal
    Kanpur, U. P.

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  28. Vinay singh
    December 23, 06:55 #28 Vinay singh

    I am a supplier of green peas ,muskmelon,Radish,cauliflower at large scale in seasonal for any requirement contact me:9654142273

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  29. lekh yadav
    December 24, 08:59 #29 lekh yadav

    plz get in touch with me im into organic tomato farming my crop will start after 20 jan 2016

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  30. lekh yadav
    December 24, 09:00 #30 lekh yadav


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  31. Arun
    December 28, 03:11 #31 Arun

    I am Farmar of lemon fruit from Maharashtra (Ahemadanagar) is there any buyer this fruit please contact…
    contact number:- 9822235853

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  32. JAM
    December 28, 10:52 #32 JAM

    I am exporter of nashik onion,tomato,green chilli.ginger and vegitable please provide importer contact number.

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  33. vaibhav
    January 04, 09:55 #33 vaibhav

    i am onion exporter at good quality and good price

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  34. Kunal
    January 23, 13:02 #34 Kunal

    I want to sell fresh lady finger and green chilli from Madhya Pradesh District Dhar……Interested please contact

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  35. bhargav
    January 24, 05:39 #35 bhargav

    Hi i have a lemon of bulk quantity interested buyers can call me
    Contact number 8466801145

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  36. ganesh
    January 24, 07:39 #36 ganesh

    we are growing cucumber if any body intersted pl call 9167773218

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  37. Najrooddin
    February 02, 15:03 #37 Najrooddin

    We have a huge arrangement of all green vegetables such as Drumsticks, Drum Leaves, Onion, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Lemon, Chilli and green peas etc
    We can supply in any large quantity as per requirements


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  38. pranavagro
    February 05, 18:38 #38 pranavagro


    Pls contact 9159595992 for ooty vigitable

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  39. nijam uddin mia
    February 13, 14:38 #39 nijam uddin mia

    WeWe are supply red potato & onion hole sale also cold storge loding & unloding potato .9733550631/9093229450

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  40. nijam uddin mia
    February 13, 15:08 #40 nijam uddin mia

    U mean sweet corn? I have sweet corn avlable

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  41. deepak
    February 14, 16:45 #41 deepak

    I am big supplier of fruits and vegetables.

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  42. deepak
    February 14, 16:46 #42 deepak

    i am big supplier of fruits and vegetables

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  43. Aniket
    February 15, 01:13 #43 Aniket

    Hello I’m grapes farmers. now my is ready for sell pl contact 9763034082

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  44. Kamal Lata jaiswal
    February 20, 15:28 #44 Kamal Lata jaiswal

    We supply both organic and Non-organic vegetables

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  45. Nayan jaiswal
    March 08, 12:51 #45 Nayan jaiswal

    I am supplier of all kinds of vegetable in Mumbai if anyone interestd in buying call me at 9768365866

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  46. Nayan jaiswal
    March 08, 12:52 #46 Nayan jaiswal

    I m a vegetable supplier in mumbai contact me 9768365866

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  47. Vicky
    March 17, 14:11 #47 Vicky

    I have cucumber farm in i need to cucumber number 9790453488

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  48. pravin
    March 20, 08:33 #48 pravin

    hi IM Pravin ,I’m dealing in fruits and vegetables.i have directly contact with farm owners.i can import fresh organic fruits and vegetables supply.kindly contact on 07888255959.

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  49. Pravin
    March 23, 09:51 #49 Pravin

    hi im dealing in fruits and vegetables.i can supply all types of fresh fruits and vegetables allover india.kindly contact on +917888255959.

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  50. Manoj patel
    March 29, 00:37 #50 Manoj patel

    Hi I am Manoj patel at that time I want to sale cucumber, chilli tomato. Pls who is interest in vegetable then we provide from former in whole year Pls contact me

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  51. Manoj patel
    March 29, 00:44 #51 Manoj patel

    Hi I am Manoj patel at that time I want to sale cucumber, chilli tomato. Pls who is interest in vegetable then we provide from former in whole year Pls contact me m.n.9457761005

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  52. rajendran
    April 14, 10:26 #52 rajendran

    Had I am rajendran from Tamil nadu (dharumpuri ) I purchase to agriculture landgood quality and good quantity and good satisfied rate for Ladiesfinger, bottle garder, bringer, and etc
    Pls we are need good buyer kindly Pls contact me
    Tiriselvam trader

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  53. Deepak
    April 17, 04:59 #53 Deepak

    Hello frands i am farmer i want to sell myseedless cucumber at indore m.p

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  54. Dnyaneshwar
    April 29, 03:59 #54 Dnyaneshwar

    I am a organic farmer specially of onion and turmeric.I can produce anything for you according to your order.One who needs pl contact

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  55. Dnyaneshwar
    April 29, 04:03 #55 Dnyaneshwar

    I am a organic farmer specially of uonion and turmeric.I can produce anything for you according to your order.One who needs pl contact

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  56. Arya
    April 29, 08:55 #56 Arya

    Hi we are a well renowned vegetable supplier. Our quality is high and prices are reasonable and best for reselling.
    Onion- 12000 per ton
    Garlic- 50000 per ton
    Ginger- 38000 per ton and etc.
    My no-8820912797

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  57. Raj
    June 01, 05:24 #57 Raj

    Hi . i am Rajkumar dhaker from rajasthan ditt. chittorgarh . i want to sell full year all vegetables in udaipur ,jaipur, delhi ,indore.
    Pls we are need good buyer kindly Pls contact me 9111007336,9929327788

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  58. Thulasimani
    June 07, 10:34 #58 Thulasimani

    Hello we have vegetables and organic products. any other details
    contact me

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  59. Abhi
    June 15, 12:36 #59 Abhi

    Hi guyss.. i am supplying good quality and fresh vegetables .. .. if u want organic vegetables .. i can be able to supply that also…. i am looking for hotels that i would like to supply my veggies to hotels.. thank you
    8806388616 ..pune area karvenagar..

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  60. Pramod Reddy
    June 22, 19:39 #60 Pramod Reddy

    Hello I am farmer from Hyderabad. I produce fresh Europian cucumber in our farms ready to dispatch contact me on 9912312988

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  61. Goyary
    June 27, 08:15 #61 Goyary

    Hello.. .i m a farmer from assam …i produce lemon… Plz contact me 7002455425

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  62. senthil
    July 14, 03:04 #62 senthil

    Hi we are glad to inform that we are a commission based agency located in coimbatore(Tamil Nadu) and we are running our business successfully with a team of partners.We are directly buying the products i.e fresh vegetables directly from the farmers that are cultivated commonly.We are dealing with exporting companies too.
    We are ready to supply the Assorted fresh vegetables in required quantity .

    Thanks and regars,
    Senthil Kumar.

    U can also reach us through email or watsapp or though mobile.
    E-mail –
    Watsapp to 9443439484
    Ring us @ – 9976767774

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  63. Shan
    July 17, 21:17 #63 Shan

    Looking for lemon buyer contact me 9898988418

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  64. ajij
    September 18, 08:18 #64 ajij

    i am a fresh vegetable supplier pls contact 9511917917

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  65. naviz
    October 01, 02:29 #65 naviz

    Want to know your T&C

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  66. kv
    October 01, 09:32 #66 kv

    Hello sir and medam i supply per day 1 to 3 tons vendaikai pls contact who went

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    • hari
      November 01, 13:22 hari

      hi mr senthil kumar this is sreehari we looking vegetables n fruits send your quotation pls cont by mail

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  67. Kamal
    October 24, 09:45 #67 Kamal


    I’m a vegetable seller from Tamilnadu. I’m exporting vegetables to other countries like Malaysia, Singapore etc.. Please contact me if you are a buyer… 9894166896..

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    • Sanjeev
      February 07, 18:39 Sanjeev

      Dear Sir
      Do you by any chance deal only vegetables or any other products too like paraboiled rice also.
      We are interested in bulk quantities.

      Please revert

      Sanjeev Shroti
      Western Industries
      Mumbai 9326897139

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  68. hardik
    October 27, 21:17 #68 hardik

    need buyers i have continental vegetablr and indian if any one need what upp me 8888169209

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  69. hari
    November 01, 13:21 #69 hari

    hi mr senthil kumar this is sreehari we looking vegetables n fruits send your quotation pls cont by mail

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  70. Maganga
    November 05, 08:27 #70 Maganga

    We are dealer of organic product such as okrah,chillies,ginger and onions. If you need large quantity please don’t hasitate to contact us

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  71. kumar
    November 20, 08:18 #71 kumar

    I am fresh lemon seller in Tamilnadu.please other details call me

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  72. Narayanan
    January 01, 09:20 #72 Narayanan

    We are one of the leading vegetable exporters in south India (Kerala)

    Please contact if u need any vegetables such as Onion,Potato etc..

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  73. Raja
    January 04, 02:52 #73 Raja

    We have s cucumber farm

    We need a buyers

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  74. Raja
    January 04, 02:53 #74 Raja

    Fresh cucumber available in our farm

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  75. Ajith
    January 17, 14:39 #75 Ajith

    Dear sir, I farmers our products RidgeGourd, Bottlegourd,sankegourd,platinum,the vegtables we are products ,one call me you we are supply

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  76. Prafull
    January 20, 09:52 #76 Prafull

    I want sell potato…

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  77. reddy praveen
    February 03, 05:49 #77 reddy praveen

    I want to sell ashogourd at affordable prices from Andhra Pradesh any body interest contact my number8328590763

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  78. neeraj
    February 05, 08:46 #78 neeraj

    we produce organic cucumber ,so ,we required buyer near delhi,faridabad,gurgaon

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  79. Navi
    February 12, 07:19 #79 Navi

    Ther is tomato buyers is ther

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  80. Prakash
    February 19, 08:50 #80 Prakash

    My business of vegetables in indian Bangalore Hosakote
    I will send vegetables in many cities of india by orders pls WhatsApp me – 9008240996

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  81. jaydeb mohapatra
    March 02, 02:12 #81 jaydeb mohapatra

    I want to sell drum sticks leaves in bulk quantity
    And brinjal,cucumber from odisha .
    Cauliflower also.
    So any body want to buy please contact
    On- 9699906376

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    March 02, 11:20 #82 RAJENDRAN.P

    I am lemon , garlic seller in tamilnadu. Please other details call me: 9894925125,8682863125

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    March 02, 11:25 #83 RAJENDRAN.P

    I am lemon , black pe O per ,garlic seller in tamilnadu. Please other details call me: 9894925125,8682863125

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  84. AAR
    March 03, 05:47 #84 AAR

    M junaid n m from chikamagalur karnataka we supply tomato onion potato etc so contact me 8105543355

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  85. Ami
    March 05, 04:33 #85 Ami

    Hlw my name is amir rainee from kanpur uttar pradesh i am a supplier of vegetables like potato onion etc to all over india in very low rate if u r interested contact me whatsapp me 7668883659

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  86. Ami
    March 19, 05:10 #86 Ami

    Hlw my name is amir rainee from kanpur uttar pradesh india i am a supplier of vegetables i can supply all types of potato and onion etc to all over india if any one interested contact me whatsapp me 7668883659

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  87. Rajeev
    March 19, 07:56 #87 Rajeev

    I m supplier of fresh cucumber , onion , lady finger , qualiflower & pommogranate in bulk quantity

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  88. k Patil
    March 21, 13:21 #88 k Patil

    I have Tomatos, capsicum,Onion,cucumber.
    If any buddy requirement of this vegetables contact me . mY No. 9921119080.

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  89. Arjun
    April 20, 07:05 #89 Arjun

    Anybody want to buy fruits and vegetables in a bulk order means please contact +917022831145.

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  90. Adi
    April 28, 05:47 #90 Adi

    We have fresh tomoto availble for bulk order regular basic
    tamil nadu interested contact – 9965377601

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  91. mani
    June 06, 17:30 #91 mani

    we are from waycool food and product pvt ltd at chennai
    we are export for fresh vegetables and fruits world wide

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  92. Kiran
    June 16, 05:13 #92 Kiran

    Looking for buyers fruits vegetables flowers

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  93. Mehrshad
    August 09, 09:16 #93 Mehrshad

    Hello, I am a fruit producer from Iran. Please add me

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    • Sanjeev
      February 07, 18:13 Sanjeev

      Dear Mr Shreehari

      We are offering fresh red onions at reasonal price of Rs 9/kg of 25 kgs polybag packed FOR Mumbai.
      Please contact me
      Western Industries Mumbai
      Sanjeev +919326897139
      Wapp +23276901704

      We are also a newly formes export house.

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  94. Sagar
    August 16, 11:48 #94 Sagar

    We are supplier of fresh red onion who have want please contact me.

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  95. Sara
    August 30, 17:22 #95 Sara

    I am suppler ooty fresh carrot,you need pls contact whatapp me 7871297622 ,

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  96. prashant
    September 25, 02:23 #96 prashant

    Your comment..I am from bhiwandi-wada, I am producing large quantity of Brinjal.
    interested buyers pl contact on 7718818635

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  97. Rakesh Sharma
    September 27, 06:04 #97 Rakesh Sharma

    I m a fresh vegetables SUPPLyer in Delhi ncr

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  98. Rakesh Sharma
    September 27, 06:06 #98 Rakesh Sharma

    SUPPLyer of fresh vegetables in Delhi ncr

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  99. raja subramaniam
    October 04, 05:47 #99 raja subramaniam

    we are supplying onion we are looking for buyers in tamilnadu my contact numer is 9626628644 / 9841521673

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  100. Mayank
    October 25, 05:00 #100 Mayank

    I am supplier of onion, potato and rice. Pls contact us on +918810494398

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  101. Siva
    October 31, 02:48 #101 Siva

    Hi we have around 15- 20 Tons of fresh Sambar cucumber.buyers can contact me at 83108 65434.

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  102. murugesh
    October 31, 13:09 #102 murugesh

    hi i am murugeshbalusamy in chennai.. we supply of farm fresh fruits and fresh english vegetables .. intrested people contact 8778725674

    all meterials from kodaikanal, ooty, and bangalore….

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  103. Green Roots
    November 02, 15:54 #103 Green Roots

    We supply all types of vegetables and fruits and also serve in supply of organic veggies & fruits
    Contact us @8888453140/8888423140

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  104. Ahamed
    November 13, 18:34 #104 Ahamed

    We are looking to purchase potatoes from Uttar Pradesh, carrot and English carrot from all over India…And all vegetables as per requirements in bulk quantity

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  105. Venkat
    December 30, 18:01 #105 Venkat

    I am looking for buyers interested in chemical free vegetables,fruits,

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  106. Dinesh Saini
    June 02, 17:27 #106 Dinesh Saini

    I m a farmer. I can supply all green vegetables and dry Bitter gourd, dry chilli, dry spinach, dry coriander in cheap rates.

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  107. SUNIL
    June 05, 23:08 #107 SUNIL

    I, am from Darjeeling n siliguri too. I can supply all kinds of fresh vegetables n fruits, to any states of india.
    Ph:9732470500 contact me.

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  108. Sahabaz khan
    June 15, 17:43 #108 Sahabaz khan

    I am a big farmar .. and I supply green chili…so if U r interested to buy this green chili Soo plz contact me my wp no 8389035969

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  109. @ Shahidev
    July 19, 05:52 #109 @ Shahidev

    We supply all types of vegetables and fruits and also serve in supply of organic veggies & fruits
    Contact us @ 9176437521

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  110. RAHUL
    August 10, 20:21 #110 RAHUL

    Kon Kon since vegetables hai. Price Kya h.

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  111. RAHUL
    August 10, 20:23 #111 RAHUL

    I am deals in pateto,in wholesale if u rqiuerd pateto . contact me on this no.8279782823

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  112. purusothaman
    September 08, 23:29 #112 purusothaman

    We are doing organic agricuture. Now we have 2.5 tone small onion. If you required kindly contact me in 9786365754.(Purusothaman)

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  113. purusothaman
    September 09, 06:16 #113 purusothaman

    I am purusothaman. We had harvested sambar onion in organic farming. Any one insterested. kindly contact 9786365754.

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